Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hopeless Romantic

She's just a hopeless romantic
She's hopelessly frantic
She's hopelessly hoping he harbors the same feelings for her as she does him; see he's romantic.
Dreaming vividly with words and emotions
Remembering what it feels like to be touched
Remembering what it feels like to be touched by him
Making me his ocean
Rocking together in unison and I made drums from an old head board and his bedroom wall
Til he and I came together
Swearing I'd never fall but damn words don't adequately express 
This jumbled up mess inside my head
Thinking at best this could be something real
Or that's what I thought
Confusing reality with how I feel
Knowing that soon I'll just be a chalk outline along the beaten path and he'll have forgotten about me before the ink even dries on this poem. 
Remembering home
But knowing that nobody remembers you when you're gone
So you're forced to make people disappear same as your emotions 
Numb due to this frostbite that swallowed  your heart
Decorated with tick marks of every guy that's came and gone without even caring to remember your name. 
And the worst part is I let him in thinking he was different
But he was just like the others and for that, only I can accept the blame.