Monday, April 20, 2015

Rotten Fruit

He places me in timeout in my fragile state
So he can watch my abused body crumble to pieces instead of holding me together when I needed him most. 
I am broken
Pieces of me embedded into the fibers of the very same comforter
Where a strange man stripped away my dignity at the precise moment he forced himself inside me
Strategically folding and stuffing himself  into my secret garden
Trespassing on sacred territory
Because he felt he had a right to what's legally mine...
So, freely he sampled me 
Taking the best part of me selfishly
Leaving me damaged like rotten fruit
Knowing that nobody else would want me
Hearing so-called friends taunt me
As if anyone could find being raped funny
So he laughed in my face while I cried
Not knowing how to properly embrace me
He touched my nerves instead of my spirit and made a mockery of my pain.