Thursday, December 5, 2013


They say misery loves company
But he also love words that rhyme with hi, dove and boo
So he whispers sweet nothings to the sounds of I love you.
While I slip into love with the possibility
He slips in between my thighs
Letting his lips slip false truths or rather white lies, as black and  white turn gray.
Fixating on ways to illuminate this dark hole
My sparks slow and he pushes me away.
So I push back 
Ignorant to the fact that things will never be how they used to be
Allowed my dreams to compromise my reality
Until I boxed myself in white picket fences at the top of my wish list
But swearing on a bible doesn't necessarily mean I'm telling the truth
So accept this as my proof
And even though I love you despite all the evil things you do
It's time to love me more...

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