Monday, February 20, 2017

I'm Not Scared...But I'm Scared of

I'm not scared of LiONs AnD TiGeRs AnD BeARs, but I'm scared of...

I'm scared of wanting someone to be a part of my life more than they want to be there.

I'm scared of connecting with someone that is unavailable.

I'm scared of losing the few people that actually give a damn. Apparently it's easy to walk away from me.

I'm scared of trying and falling flat on my face so I frequently take myself out of the game before even giving myself a chance to succeed. (like this school thing)

I'm scared that when I speak no one really listens.

I'm scared of ending up alone. And since I can't get with anything that can't feed itself or clean up it's own shyt...I won't even be that creepy cat lady. LOL

I'm just sayin...

*This was originally written 2/19/09 and still rings true. So I thought I'd share it. Makes me want to cry from an overflow of emotion. 

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