Friday, October 9, 2009

Who Will Remember You

My world spins like whirl winds
Wondering will I ever get any ends
And when the hell my happy ending begins
My tears bring rain
That floods what's left of my sanity
I wonder what could it be?
I stare at my reflection aimlessly
But the image I see staring back just isn't me
My fake hair, fake eyes & big tits
Are nothing like who I use to be
Yearning for the intellect I no longer see
Whispering similarly to he loves me he loves me not
Til the sun sets and I'm just as alone as I was on my born day
But today I learned to realize
Broken dreams & heartache turn
Week days into weak days
And the words I speak just don't seem to resonate like they used to
Loud words fall upon deaf ears
From boisterous lips
As I clumsily stumble upon the realization that life is as good as it gets
You see...when the air inside your lungs cease to exist
Death is all you're left with
And maybe everything you complained about isn't necessarily shit
From the job you didn't get
To the husband or wife & the 2.5 kids
And if that damn picket fence still wasn't all it was cracked up to be.
Like footprints in the sand
Your memory will one day fade
And without physical artifacts,
Who will remember you?
Who will remember your words?
Unheard by so many but imagine
You buried and gone, but we can still hear your dreams
Calling out from beyond our world
And no matter how scary or sweet death may seem
You'll be far from a distant memory
I accept in life, there are things that I sometimes forget
But you, I will always carry with me

1 comment:

  1. Wow, its like you have this ability to say the things that some folks are afraid to say, to think, and realize what is standing right in front of them. I have to come back to this one when my "week days" are "weak days". :-)