Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sexually Satisfied

Looking for him to invade my space

I open myself

He swallows the knowledge I throw at him

And in return he gives me a taste

He caresses my breast with a swift stroke of his hand

His touch beckons me to his every demand

My ghetto wordsmith plays chopsticks on my mind

Working his way line by line to a predetermined destination...a predetermined time

Before thoughts that were his genuinely become mine

Pleasuring me comes first

Riddled with metaphors and similes

He uses like and as in the same paragraph

Simultaneously and it has nothing to do with the tightness of my jeans

He tickles my pink ribbon with hyperbolic dreams

The things he says are never as they seem

I am his toy; he playfully tantalizes and taunts me

Leaving me hanging on each word

Whispering sweet nothings into my ear

"Can you hear me?"

I embrace him and release more than just my fear

I beg for more as he goes deeper

Deeper into here; my core

Being more than just a sexcapade

I let him take me there

Reaching out I pull him into me

And 2 somehow equals one

We reach our seemingly infinite peak

A voyage that likes to touch but only mandates speech

Tears fall from my eyes until my truth becomes yours

The truth that what you share with me takes me on the greatest high

Yet I escape the dangers of lust and promiscuity

Your juices become mine

We produce offspring

Reading and writing between the lines

An exchange of the minds

That leaves you and I sexually satisfied

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