Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I Should Be Studying...

I know that I should be studying but when the mood hits you, as a writer you should take pen to pad and let your mind free itself from captivity. I think more than the average person mostly because I spend a lot of time alone. When the noises subside and quiet is all that you have left, you'd be surprised and what you hear.

My fears resonate and quickly grow from small concerns to life shattering decsions and I find myself quickly becoming a victim all over again. I am strong enough to beat just about anything, but the scariest thing I have come into contact with would be my memories. Memories that are constant reminders of every mistake and every good thing that has gone bad. Memories represent years of regret and oppression. I am shackled and chained to an imaginary hurdle that I have yet to discover how to escape it.

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