Friday, June 11, 2010

Standard of Living....

Ignorance is alive in America. I think we would like to think that collectively as a community we have made progress, but if you take the time to exam the issues plaguing our society in the 21st century, you’ll see that not much has changed. I think of how much Americans have endured as a people and even more so with minority groups such as African-Americans, Latinos, Asians, or even homosexuals. We have all at some point been discriminated against. I guess that is why it surprises me that people will continue to knock each other down instead of building each other up. This is something that happens within a race or even towards other races. It all starts with a little respect.

Recently Houston based rapper, Slim Thug, earned himself some negative press as the result of an interview he gave where he in my opinion blamed black women for black men’s problems. The fact that he has an opinion or even favors other races over his own when it comes to dating isn’t the issue at hand. We all have our preferences. We have all experienced different things. I’m saddened that in this day and age, people are still quick to condemn and entire race based on the actions of a few. Regardless to what he may or may not have meant, he has a social responsibility to the public to be aware of what he says. He is not an everyday Joe and his words are magnified and heard all over the world. I am but one person and realistically how many people will ever even read this post? When you are a celebrity, you are forced to be accountable for your words or actions. Don’t stereotype everyone because of the females you deal with. Some guys are quick to boast about everything they have that they want people to be jealous of and in the same breath are mad that you seem to be attracting women that look for those same things you are boasting about. Starting to see a pattern yet fellas? If that is not what you are trying to attract them stop advertising it. Instead of making it an issue within ALL black women how about you evaluate yourself and the people you choose to associate with. Afterall, these are the people shaping your views and it is not representative of black women as a whole. If you find yourself always surrounded by the same elements, fix it! Open your pretty brown eyes and look the hell around! Who cares how big your rims are; impress me by reading a book or having an intelligent conversation. Are you a provider for yourself and your family? That is the main question that I want to know. I am tired of people who choose to not change their stars getting mad at those people that do. You can work hard. Nothing comes easy. Life is what you make of it. If you chose the low road, you can’t get mad at someone that took the high road; someone that continues to better themselves and their situation.

Over these last few days people (men mostly) kept saying that women have high standards. Okay. That could entirely be true, but like most journalists, I had to ask what high standards were; a question that no man was willing to answer. At most I heard high meant unobtainable, but that doesn’t shed any light on where black men would like black women to be mentally. What do I look for in a man? In a word…SUCCESS. You may wonder what does that mean. It means that I cannot take on another liability. I am rapidly approaching my 30s and cannot imagine myself having to play taxi cab for my mate. He doesn’t have to be rich, but at 30, if he still makes minimum wage or close to it he can’t help me. Does that make me a gold digger? I say no. I’m not looking to be wifed by some NBA player with a multi-million dollar contract just like I’m not trying to snag the successful business man. I am however forward thinking and if we can’t support ourselves, how will we afford kids or anything that the future throws our way? I have no intentions of voluntarily signing up for a life of financial turmoil. Say what you want, but I’m sure most people feel the same way.

We all get dealt the same number of cards, but it is up to each and every one of us to make the best out of the hand we are dealt. The only true losers in life are those that don’t even show up to the game. Life is a series of obstacles and each one that you are successfully able to overcome will make you stronger.  When you look back over your life and all that you have been able to achieve, you’ll be able to smile; on the inside and out.  


  1. I agree and at the end of the day, people need to take more accountablity for their own actions and stop blaming others. Slim Thug was stupid for publicly letting his opionion be known, but then again, maybe he just didn't give a f*ck!!! At this point, I'm so over this topic because it's like these people are beating a dead horse. Same sh*t different toilet. This toilet just happens to be a thug named Slim. Good read girl....

  2. i read his interview and point blank period this guy is just looking for a woman to bow down to his every demand. he doesn't think black women are 'down for their man' well what the fuck does he want? someone to be there for him while he's acting like a douche? maybe the white girls he's encountered are okay being doormats but that's not even about race, just the individual. i'm white & i have standards, so i guess i don't fall into his stereotype lol.

  3. Slim Thug caught major heat for his comments. I look at it as he's frustrated with the females that is in his environment. I wouldn't want a female (black or any other race) to be bowing down at my feet. I mean have you seen my feet.. j/k. I would rather her stand on her own and do what is best for her. Now when they say these women have high standards, that means that if you're not willing to work to be successful then you're going to have to step off. I've heard stories about how females supported their guys when they were down and out, only to be left high and dry when that guy got back on his two feet. Which isn't right at all. If that women is holding you down, you need to do the same for her in the long run. Sorry about the rant Foxy and you need to blog more often!!!

  4. I don't even know what to say (because I've had this conversation over and over again about black men and women throughout the years) other than this is REAL TALK without the overanalyzed BULLSHIT!! Love it!

  5. Slim is wrong, blk women are not the cause of our problems. Blk women are the best!