Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Run Backwards To You

Come with me on a journey
Littered with words falling down a broken highway
Running from here to there
As sunrise meets sunset and day becomes night
The hour glass spills over into our reality
Eternity scurries past my eyes
As my soul eternally cries why
And if only time could rewind itself
I’d find myself backtracking past tracks
Left foot behind right foot
Down a rose adorned golden path
Tracing back a dotted line that started with you.

2 parts of a broken heart would mend itself to become whole again
No longer two
And the cold stares that we now share
Returning to lukewarm glances that gave birth to smoking hot circumstances
Inhaling and exhaling
Til your breath became mine
Your heart beat controlling mine
Pulling my strings
My lonely heart races
Through countless embraces
You buried your seed in my soul
And in other places
Naked bodies would be clothed then naked again
In euphoric embraces that conjure dejavu
You’d let go of my hand as tears quietly ran up my cheeks
And hid behind my pupils
Teaching anyone who’d listen how to open their heart and love
But I watched thick brick sturdy walls fall
Up and down to the sound of sweet poetry
Whispering anything to me to get your arms back around this
Sexy black lips locking in a kiss
Face-to-face we sit still til your scent fades
From nothing between us to nothing but space
Fading fade fading away
Til there’s nothing left to see
And I wonder when my day will come.

Treasure hunting has me scavenging
Tick tock tick tock
For this special clock
That can abruptly stop time, shuffle and rewind
To fast forward time or rewind to skip not so pleasant moments of my life
A clock that magically allows me to
Skip them as I run backwards to you
Lost in translation
I lose track of heartache and pain
Held captive by the dissociative characteristics of a migraine
As blame consumes the queen I used to be
Optimistic me transforms into bitter, irate, and jaded me
Frantically looking for a chance meeting to escape my reality
Or perhaps a simple key
Masculine is he that unlocks my dreams
As he reminds me I’m carrying his seed
So this journey of words and self-speak doesn’t ever have to back track
No rewinding or intermingling of time
Just sunsets and sunrises as the short hand dances in circles around time
Til new life is here
Marking the creation of my eternal flame
I shall call him the truth
And he is my new beginning.

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