Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remembering the days of "I Do"

Remember me til it hurts
As memories flash like thunder strikes
Exploding across a warm summer's day
Tracing the painful experience that was us
Allowing insecurities and trust issues to
Drive wedges in between our love
Til enemies were all that were left
Naked chocolate bodies
Whispering false truths to the sounds of he loves me he loves me not til the moment my heart broke
And when we spoke you confirmed what I feared to be true
Remembering the days of "I Do"
Knowing baby steps were the only way you could
And to this alleged lifelong friendship
Like the time we cried
You and I
Time spent in vain
Because I thought we had forever
But your shit was gone by the end of the week
And no matter how little it hurts
You'll always be my motivation for this
Love lost rekindled with a bitter kiss
Here's to the future because I refuse to be held hostage by this
And to you kind sir
Kiss my past
Cuz you are history baby.

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