Friday, December 2, 2011

Using God as a Reason to Hate is Still HATEFUL. Love, The Gays!

The following is the dialogue that transpired after I posted a video of a boy advocating same-sex parenting as he was raised by a lesbian couple. This is a prime example of why I am so turned off by so many so-called Christians that parade their hatred behind the Bible. I believe in equality for everyone and nothing you can say would persuade me to change my mind. There are people in America that are treated like second class citizens and I won't stand for it. Speak up or you won't be heard!!!!

HIM: People who believe in sexual preference don't believe in God. That's why I'm getting my life right with the Lord cause I can't be down in hell with all them gays and lesbo's. God created Woman to be a mans mate not another man and he knew what he was doing. Homosexuality in NOT right and str8 people need to stop being so weak and start standing up for what u believe in. And no I didn't read the speech cause I don't wanna hear what the punk gotta say.

ME: I disagree, disagree and disagree. But thanks for sharing your views on the subject. And you should've watched the video. It's actually about the parenting capabilities of homosexuals. It's a good speech full of valid points. Lol

HER: The sexual orientation of the young man's parents is no reason to call him a punk. He is very articulate.

HIM: A gay dude has no parenting skills. I would absolutely hate it if my pops was gay. A man is supposed to be an example of strength and stability not weakness and I don't care about how articulate he is. U can articulate and be str8. U don't ...think a man suckin' another mans dick is sick or what about him getting fucked in his ass. That ain't right. God didn't intend for a man to have sex with another man or a woman to have sex with another woman. Now watch that video again but this time think about all the dick he has sucked or how many times he took it up the ass then tell me he ain't a sicko psycho.

HER:  He never said he was gay. What do his parents being gay have to do with him? I thought you said you didn't watch the video. I'm confused as to how you're even commenting and you didn't watch the video. I'm not saying homosexuality is right God's eyes. But cursing and trying to preach about how hell bound the next person is, is just as wrong. Psycho is getting on here trying to preach and you're not right yourself. Tell me God loves your profanity and then we can have a discussion. I'm sure there are things in your life that God doesn't like. And while you're standing up for what's right be sure to preach against premarital sex (you've probably had plenty of it).  You said people who do believe in sexual preference don't believe in God. So people who have premarital sex, have babies out of wedlock, etc don't believe in God. So by your standards people who sin don't believe God. Therefore you don't... believe in Him either. I'm positive that your profanity is a sin. We are ALL born into sin and shaped in iniquity (Psalm 51:5). My point is we all have something in our blood line that's sin. This is why we must crucify our flesh daily. It's obvious that you did not thoroughly think before you began commenting.

ME:  Very well said!!! My point exactly.

And @Him the video is for everyone that says homosexuals can't raise "normal" kids or even exemplary kids. He's proof that they can do both. Your argument makes a lot of false assumptions two of... which are all straight men are strong and all gay men are weak. Both are wrong. I just hate when sinners use "being against homosexuality" as their platform for being right with God. I think before you can stand in judgment of anyone else you should be perfect in the eyes of God and if you can't testify that you're WITHOUT SIN yourself, who are you to judge another human...especially based on YOUR religious beliefs?! And no you don't have to respond. We get it. God hates fags blah blah blah. I respect your opinion but I'm tired of reading your hatred on my walls cuz its disrespectful son.
#imjustsayin So let's just agree to disagree.

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