Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hey You Dumb Bitch...Fall The Fuck Back...

Precisely why I don't fuck with that many bitches. LOL Don't get mad at me because youz a weak bitch and I'm about my grown woman bidness. This is a conversation that she initiated mind you because I guess she was bored and wanted to text me. Then she got all in her feelings. I don't take shit from no man. She's been fuckin the same guy raw for years while crying to her friends about how she KNOW he cheating and this, that, and the third. Recently she found out he got another girl pregnant and she was mad at him because she had been fuckin him raw even though she already knew that nigga was steppin out. But you trying to play me cuz this other nigga talked slick to me once and I got rid of his ass. GTFOHB!!! I'm in a good place. She prolly stayed with that diseased ridden baby daddy of hers just so she could get dicked down on the regular. Congrats. You got community dick. Bitch you ain't no better than those other hoes that he's fuckin. Kick rocks!!! Please and thank you.

Her: Im shockd u aint gave him da draws again
Me: No offense but I'm not you. Lol a nigga gets one time to disrespect me then I'm done
Her: What nigga? No offense. So why u keep talkn 2 him then
Me: We don't really talk. He texts. I text back. We don't hang out. We don't fuck and we don't kick it
And I let him wash my car a few weeks ago. Compared to us texting all day and hangin out
Her: Whateva since u aint me then u wldnt text back PERIOD. But im just sayin.
Me: Not really. I think somebody saying what up b?! And me saying not shit is enough..hardly talkin.
Her: Okkk jessica convince urself. Thats cool. So hows skool?
Me: Convince myself what. We kicked it every day all day. Texted every day all day. And now we don't do shit. And bc I chose not to ignore him. We went from 1000 texts a month to 5. And I don't hang out with him. U do the math girl. And that was my own advice to myself
Her: Did u get offended jessica cuz it seems that way? U musta had a HELLA crush on dat nigga. Hm missing him? Mayb. U still allowin the 5 txts
Miss thang. Quit gettin mad dang i was just sayin the obvious. So change of subject
How is skool?
Me: Not really. And miss what?! If I missed him I'd text him. He texts me. Aside from that. I got my freak that eats and I'm dating someone that's good to me. And short of gettin my # changed I can't control who texts me. NOT MAD I is same as always. Just ready to be done
Her:U miss him!
Me: No not really. Lol if I missed him I'd bring him up. But I don't. U do. Oh I said...moved on. I don't stand for stupid shit from niggas. NEVER DO!!! BWAHHAHA!!
Her: Lol. U crazy girl. Well thats gud

Now this is when that hoe really starts to get mad. Notice she keep putting LOL whenever she say some slick shit. So I starts to do it too like damn short I wanna play. :)

Her:Wow if u say so cuz that nigga was gettin ova on u 4 a min. And u rite i do bring him up is that a problem
Her: I just dnt like 2 c him out there was concerned. This aint no arguement is it? Lol
Me: Not for me. And he wasn't gettin over on me bc it was shit that I did. It's not like he was shooting it to me and then stopped talking to me. I did shit bc I had it and he didn't. U do that for friends. It's like when I loaned your drunk ass money bc you didn't have any at the club. No argument. Cuz there is nothing to argue over
Her: Why didnt yall eva b together? Why was it so complicated?
Me: It wasn't complicated. He popped off at the mouth and I decided no man is worth the bullshit. See some ppl wouldve just stayed. Cuz of course he apologized. He still does. It don't change shit. I'm good. I don't need a man.

This is when it hits her that I'm coming at her on the sly tip because she trying to come slick at me but I'm not fucked up. Me and bitches like this could compared shit all day. And all she can say is she weigh less than me. I got that hoe in every other catergory. LOL She gettin tight now...

Her:U got some fuckin nerve girl. Ima let that slide. I had it trust just cldnt find it.
Me: Did I not loan you money?! Lol Why u gettin mad?! I thought this wasn't an argument?! Lol
Her: Nigga whateva. A vibrator SHOULD NOT b a girls best friend
Her: M.f. U the one shootn off
Me: And neither should a sorry ass nigga. We all pick the lessor of two evils. For mine..I'd rather baste off while I wait for a good man than kick it with someone I feel don't respect me.

She just keep allowing me to gas her silly ass. LOL This is why we wasn't friends in high school. BWAHHAAHHA!!!

Her: U the 1 gettin mad ova (insert guy's name here),who u gave the pussy to. Not me.
Her: Fuck that. A vibrator aint shit. U need 2 learn how 2 wrk ur options
Me: Who's mad?! I have a boo. I'm not lonely. I don't miss (insert guy's name here). I like the new guy and I like the person I contracted to eat me out when I want. Who's mad??? Cuz it's not me. Lol
Her: If u say so chica lol
Her:Ok thats fine.
Her: Ima b the grown up and end the convo

She lucky my shorty called because I was about to really make her has hate me. Don't come at me wit no stupid shit people. I am not the one to fuck with.

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