Wednesday, July 15, 2009

When The Truth Hurts...

Today Nia Long became a hot button topic for simply speaking the truth. We have reached a plateau in today's society where things are no longer judged by their content but rather their ability to generate revenue. That's bullshit. Take 50 cent for instance. You can give that nigga a self help show, but that doesn't make him Martha Stewart.

Anyone able to have an intelligent conversation would understand that what Nia Long said in the most simplest of words is that if you don't bother to take the time necessary to learn the craft, you should sit the fuck down. There is no disputing that Beyonce has been offered and starred in more than one movie during her lifetime. That doesn't make her an Academy Award winning actress. It simply means she dominated the music industry so she's getting movie roles because she has an established fan base. Having an established fan base as a SINGER does NOT make you a good ACTRESS. And if someone told that bitch that, she was lying.

Don't attack Nia Long for saying what everyone else was thinking. It was an honest observation. Every industry has the same frustrations. Niggas goin in on cartoon rappers because their music is a joke or when underground niggas go commercial. It happens when actors try to sing or rap. When dancers want to sing or act...and the list goes on.

The message behind this is if you decide to cross over into other industries, please study up and don't give the fans shit because we deserve better. We deserve to see actors that can act and not just famous people that are popular. For those of you that have made it, I feel like you have a social responsibility to those of us who haven't to put quality work out there and not just go for the easy buck. Not all money is good money. Please and thank you!!!


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