Monday, July 20, 2009

Metaphorically Speaking I Died...

I try to go about my day and memories
Flash like lights
On runways
And I run too far away
When this day comes from distant plains
And the way we were
I wish I could steer away from the pain and hurt
But I wasn't ready to let go
And you got snatched away
Like band-aides on wounds and children from homes with futures doomed
And I...still remember the day our minds met
Like rhymes riddled with mazes I found myself in a daze
Wondering was this the truth
Or just another seemingly unimportant phase
Connecting across an imaginary distance
Visible to everyone but us
Like a fairytale I became engulfed
Covered in imaginary strings and your imaginary mystical dust
I gave myself to you openheartedly
I allowed you to take me there
Stimulating more than my mind and needing more than your words to speak
Calling my body and soul every name that made me continuously melt til I fell weak
And together we made sparks fly
So intense it burned
Shaping this interesting transition of love and irony
And his story became mine
Metaphorically speaking I died
More than one time
And his every word breathed life back into my limp unimaginative mind
So now...I write alone
Contemplating where did it all go wrong
Trying to figure out how I became the stranger lurking in his home
Betrayed like I was nothing more than an uninvited guess
Things went from cloud 9 to a rather large mess and
I gathered my belongs
Nothing more than me writing at my best
And did the only thing I could...
I left
Stumbling upon artifacts from those crazy days
I digress to that girl I used to be
Embracing my lazy ways and lackadaisical phase
Wanting nothing more than for him to acknowledge me
The way it used to be back when I hated amnesia and loved my memories
And then it hits me
I'm a queen and a prize and its him that doesn't get me

So this is actually a piece that started by the guy and then I changed and added to it. We initially agreed to collaborate on our poetry so I saved a lot of our online convos and mini poems that we shared. Hope you enjoy it. Comments...follows...let me know something. I love feedback.

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