Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Realization of Dreams...

I think Drake said it best on Closer where he talks about what its like to be closer to your dreams. I find myself nearing my college graduation. An obstacle that for so many people represents an easy 4 year ride to their dream jobs and careers.

For me college presented itself as a different set of challenges. I was forced to leave the only place I ever called home back in 2002. I was unemployed at the time and working part time while holding down a 3.8 GPA roughly. My only crime is that I was never going to be daddy's little girl. I accepted that. I just wanted to finish college and move to NYC. A dream that has taken almost a decade to finally feel tangible.

This coming December, I graduate college...FINALLY...with Bachelors degrees in International Business and Spanish. I'm not the emotional type but I imagine proud tears streaming from my cheeks on that cold winter day when I get those two degrees. I feel as if I am able to truly appreciate my accomplishment. It was a combination of blood, sweat, tears and love that got me through those hard times. It's the struggle behind our accomplishments that help us realize how blessed we really are.

I've made so many mistakes along the way and only hope that other people can learn from my story and avoid going through many of the things that I have endured. For now, I am an open book writing to announce to the world that I'm here to stay. Kool-aid smile on 1000 and ready to take on the world. Please and thank you!


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